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Office Nameplates

Office nameplates are required almost in any business. They are the main division of office signs and include any office sign that identifies a room (a space) or a person (which is the actual definition of name plates). In the US the office nameplates are subject to the ADA compliance guidelines and therefore a large amount of them are actually ADA signs, or Braille signs.

Office nameplates are divided into several categories:

Office Nameplates Types

  • Door Signs: The office signs that are mounted next to the door or room entrance (therefore also called room signs). Usually it has a room number or function on it and in most cases it includes a personís name. If the name plate requires a personís name (a personalized sign) then it will make sense to save money by getting changeable signage as your office door signs.
  • Cubicle Nameplates: A lot of businesses are using cubicles and cubicle nameplates are important both for identifying each space and giving the worker a more personalized working space. The cubicle nameplates are usually hanged on the cubicle partitions using fabric pins as they are lightweight.
  • Bathroom Signs (and specifically ADA Bathroom Signs): Bathroom signs (or restroom sign) are a type of door or wall sign but appear in a different category because of the ADA compliance regulations, requiring a pictogram and characters that make them different than other office door signs. Therefore in a lot of offices you can see a different style of office signs used for the restroom. In a lot of cases it is the less expensive plastic signs that are used as the ADA bathroom signs while the other business signs are more expensive.
  • Wall Sign: This category is sometimes confused with office door signs and in a way you can say that wall signs include door signs. The difference is that a wall sign doesnít have to relate to a specific room. An example would be general information signs mounted on the wall, such as No Smoking signs or a No Soliciting sign.
  • Desk Nameplate: A desk nameplate is any sign that is mounted on a flat, horizontal surface. It can be a front lobby sign, a name plate on an executiveís desk or information sign.

Changeable Signage Saves Money

Changeable signs are a type of office nameplates that can be modified by the sign owner by printing a paper insert and replacing the signs face, without needing a sign maker to do it.

Changeable signage can be in the form of aluminum nameplates or plastic sign frames and a big advantage is easily adjusting the design of the office nameplates to that of your office.

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