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Name Plates

Name Plates

Name plates compose a very large array of signs. Basically, name plates (also spelled as nameplates) are simply types of signs that have a name of someone or something. When we talk about office nameplates we usually have a personís name, his position in the company or the name (or number) of the room.

Types of Name Plates

As mentioned above, office nameplates are only one type of name plates. We have other types such as:

  • Product Name Plate: A name tag mounted on a product to identify its brand whether it is a computer, a TV or a car, or attached to it in any way as a tag on your clothing.
  • Street Name Plate: Well, each street has a name and deserves a name plate.
  • Personal Name Plates: Those nameplates are displaying somebodyís name, usually for recreation or personal purpose. It can range from parents placing a sign with their kidís name on his door or writing his name using interesting shapes to people wearing necklaces with their name on it.
  • Office Nameplates: Any signage used as workplace signs. More about office nameplates below, but in general that includes all office signs, from a wall sign to a desk nameplate and from cubicle name plates to office door signs.

Nameplates can be produce from all sorts of materials depending on their use. Some name plates are made of fabric (as in the case of cloths tags) and others are from wood, glass or metal, especially aluminum nameplates).

Office Nameplates

In this website, when we talk about name plates we are referring to office nameplates. Those are the office signs that identify a room or a person. In some cases the office nameplates need to be ADA compliant (read the ADA Compliance Guide).

The common types of office name plates are:

  • Wall Sign
  • ADA sign
  • Desk Nameplates
  • Door Signs
  • Cubicle Nameplates
  • Bathroom Signs (and specifically ADA Bathroom Signs)