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Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is the most common type of signage and it includes both interior signage and exterior signs. Another name for that type is wayfinding system and that name helps better to understand the purpose of architectural signage.

The science of wayfinding is a comprehensive process designed to orient people as well as guide them to their desired destination. The messages displayed on signs must minimize the natural confusion a visitor feels when arriving at a facility.

architectural and wayfinding signage

Office signs fall under that huge category of signage and in it you can find the wall sign, the desk nameplate, the wall brackets (flag signs), ADA sign and practically any office nameplates you can dream of.

Categories of Architectural Signage

The architectural signage can be divided to categories in a lot of ways.

  • Material: The three main divisions are metal signs (mainly aluminum nameplates), plastic signage, and wooden signs.
  • Type: As mentioned above, we have door signs, wall signs, cubicle name plates, desk nameplates, bathroom signs and flag signs.
  • Shape: The two basic categories here are flat office signs and curved office signs.
  • Customization: We can distinguish between 3 types full custom signs, stock signs (mass-produced) and changeable signage. The changeable signage is a crossbreed of the two other extremes and allows you to buy a frame with an insert you can change yourself, thus getting personalized signs.
  • Environment: When we speak about architectural signage, we mostly refer to office name plates and office signs that mostly fit in the category of interior signage, but there are some architectural signs that are exterior signs.
  • Workplace Signs: In this category we can find regular business signs, church signs, medical office signs (both for smaller clinics like dental signs or pediatric office signs and bigger facilities as hospital signs), hotel room signs, university signs, school signs, and so on.
  • ADA: You can differentiate between ADA signs (an ADA sign is not just a Braille sign, the ADA compliance covers the guidelines that should be adhered to) and non-ADA signs.

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