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Funny Animals Signs 1

Here are some funny animals signs that we've collected for you:

funny zoo

Here's a good way to learn to swim. Either you break a swimming record, or you don't...

funny crocodiles

Here are some advices regarding bears, that's important to know before going camping

funny bears

Another useful advice (and we hope, for your sake, you will not need to use it)

funny bear molest

Haven't you heard about "smoked salmon"?.

funny cigarrets

And the fish are not alone...

funny cockroach

If "beware of the pitbull" is not enough...

funny pitbull

It tastes like chicken...

funny dog leash

Translation is important!

funny dog poop

Carnivorous pigeons are all around us!

funny pigeon

Only in Florida...

The combination of elderly or handicapped with roaming alligators requires interesting signs...

funny florida

A little bit too graphic for me... looks like it out of a Simpsons movie

funny polution

Happy hippo...

funny hippo splatter


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