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Frames Finish


Vista System's sign frames are available in three finished: brushed aluminum, black and gold. The brushed aluminum is the standard finish and therefore it is more available in stock. The gold and the black finishes are kept in smaller quantity in stock and therefore the lead time on ordering them is longer (21 days compares to 10-14 days with the brushed aluminum).

One of the advantages of the Vista signs is the freedom of design, and you can determine the look of the sign as well as its dominating colors, by the graphics you use.

The only visible parts of the aluminum frame are only the side channels. Therefore, you can create graphics that will match the design you have in the room without the aluminum frame dictating the overall look and feel.

The frames themselves are composed of 1-4 aluminum parts that are technically called "extrusions" after its production process. Up to 12" all the frames are composed of a single extrusion with two side-channels. Frames that are 12" or wider are composed of 2, 3 or 4 extrusions, whereas each of the side extrusions has one side channel.

See here the end caps that fit the Vista sign frames.