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Wall Brackets

Projecting wall brackets are usually located it corridors and their purpose is to direct the attention of the people passing in that corridor to a location or facility that is sought for. The most common examples are restroom signs, exit signs, stairs, etc.
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The wall bracket, known also as "flag sign", is perpendicular to the wall and is attached to it with a specially designed base. The sign itself has two faces, and is actually composed of two "wall frame" signs that are held back to back by the base.

Here you can see the parts, separated a bit, and the end result. The base has screws to attach it to the wall and an "arm" perpendicular to the wall. The two sign frames are held firmly to that arm. There are several types of wall brackets and depending on the type, the frames can be attached with a screw or with special clips, but it important they will be firmly in place as it is a hazard that can injure someone otherwise (the sign is usually placed above traffic).
Landscape Wall-Bracket Portrait Wall-Bracket

As covered under "wall frames", we can differentiate between portrait orientation and landscape orientation. The portrait wall brackets, seen in the examples above, have a right-to-left curve with end caps on top and bottom, while the landscape wall brackets are curving top to bottom.

Installing a wall bracket is very simple, but recommended it will be done by a licensed professional for safety measures. It consists of assembling the sign itself (the two frames attached to the perpendicular arm), and then:

Attach the base to the wall using countersunk screws. The sign should be firmly secured, so in case this is a drywall, make sure you are connecting it to the wall studs. Mount the sign on top of the base you've installed. The base has two bolts that would fit the holes in the sign's arm. Fasten the bolts with the decorative nuts you got with the sign, and - "Voila!", you are done.


The base is made of steel with black powder coat finish. It can be ordered also in a deluxe black aluminum design, which is a lot lighter (call or write us to get a quote).