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Wall frames, as mentioned, are any sign that is attached with its back to a flat surface. There are several methods to attach the sign, and choosing the best one involves the following factors:

  • The sign's weight. Heavy sign must be hang correctly, otherwise it's a hazard you prefer not to have around.
  • The sign frame's back: is there enough face surface to hold the sign?
  • Will you need to change it's position or will it be permanent?
  • Do you need vandal prevention? In that case, you would prefer using screws and not a double sided tape or Velcro.
  • What is the surface you attach it to? A wall? a cubicle partition with felt? wooden surface? each may require different connections.

According to those factors you can decide if you are going to attach the sign with screws, double sided adhesive tape, pin (for cubicle with felt or fabric) or Velcro stickers.

Mounting holes are the best way to attach your sign to the surface, whether it is wood, Sheetrock or most wall surfaces. Using screws to hold your sign will ensure the sign will be stable, secure and vandal resistant.

The screws are concealed behind the insert and will not be noticed, so even if you choose to use another attachment method, it is recommended to add the mounting holes option in case you will need it in the future.

Double sided tape is very easy to apply and would fit most surfaces. It is used when the sign requires permanent installation because when it cures, it is hard to remove without lifting some paint.

It is best used on a flat, stable surface, either vertical or horizontal, after cleaning the surface from dust and making sure it is dry. The installation should be done very accurately, as it is hard to adjust after placing the sign.

Velcro is a popular option for cubicle partitions and cloth surfaces. It allows detachment of the sign with no effect on the surface.

Typically, the Velcro has two parts, called the "loop" and the "hook". The "loop" is the fuzzy part, and normally it will be adhered to the mounting surface, whereas the "hook" is the more rigid and will be adhered to the sign itself.

Some surfaces are "fuzzy" enough to use the "hook" directly on them. You should examine and make sure it will hold.

Again, as with the double sided tape, make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry before attaching the Velcro to them.

Velcro set upVelcro placementVelcro result

Fabric pins (or "cubicle pins") are designed for attaching small signage to walls and partitions covered with fabric.

The installation is very simple, you stick it on the back of the sign as shown in the picture.

Fangs are cubicle pins designed for attaching small signage to walls and partitions covered with fabric.

The fangs are usually used in pairs (similar to the fabric pins). They can be a great solution and will hold better than fabric pins on most fabric walls. However they will not fit all fabric surfaces and have to be tested before the use.

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