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Funny Road Signs 2/2


Here are some more funny road signs. Take few minutes to watch and enjoy

No alien abductions at night! That disturbs the neighbors

funny aliens


You will need that "good luck" greeting to pass this intersection

funny road sign


Well, that's useful information! (or should we repeat - good luck...)

funny bombs


Whoa!!! So many things can happen here - be careful

funny raod happen


I just love the simplicity of those signs...

funny signs


No comment... or should I say, "No Cmmomnet"...

funny stop


And, believe it or not, this is another place

funny stop


"Well, Joe, Wa'da ya say we do now?"

funny school


Now, seriously, who is going to cross here? The incredible hulk?

funny crossing



funny speed limit


That's a quite graphic example you don't see everyday...

funny fall


Listen girl, if a guy sets a date with you at the crossroads of Bangher and Leever - think twice!

funny banger leaver



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