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Directories are a vital part of a way-finding sign system. Mostly you’ll find them in lobbies and big offices, especially in places that serve public.

An important feature of directories is the fact they are divided into distinguished sections. That division could be done on the graphic level, whereas the entire sign is printed on the same insert (whether it paper, fabric, metal foil or any other material) or divided on the sign panel level, where every section has a different insert. Of the two options, the latter can save a lot when a change in one section is needed.

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Vista System’s directories are very good for that purpose. It allows changeable inserts, which could be produced in-house if you care to save some money, or by the local print shop for a more professional work (still be cheaper than a sign shop).

The basic single-panel directory consists of a sign frame, similar to a wall frame, which has separation strips to divide between the different sections. Each section has its own clear cover and can be replaced independently.

The separation strips are plastic extrusions cut to size, which can be removed and spaced at different spaces. The units size depends on the width of the sign – a 1” clear lens on a wide sign might not hold and will pop out (the radial tension is not enough to hold it in place) but on a 5” frame there is no problem.

Here you can see the new separation strips. They are quite new modification and replaced the adhesive divider strips and improved the directories by large measures.

When we talk about directories, we mean usually frames bigger than 11”. “Directories” smaller than that can be made, but then it is more of a divided sign than a directory, which needs to be visible in order to direct the public.

As an aside note, for lack of a better space, when designing a divided sign 4” wide or smaller, you can’t use the plastic separation strips (the curvature radius is too small for the material). I those cases, there are thin polycarbonate divider strips that are adhered to the sign frame at the required place. Those divider strips are fixed in place once put.

The directories can be assembled from two or more panels, each divided into sections, with a header and/ or footer.


Another kind of a directory is the multi-panel (or multi-layers) directory, which consists of several landscape wall-frames one on top of each other, usually the top one is a wider extrusion acting as a header. The advantages of this type are the clearer, 3D distinction between the units and the ability to add or remove layers as needed.

Watch this video presentation to further your understanding on Vista System's Directories:

60 Sec on Wall Frames

Multi-Panel Directory
Multi-Panel Directory
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